Our “Return to Normal” Plans

Our “Return to Normal” Plan
Version 1

We will be following the guidelines below through the end of May. The guidelines that we are trying to follow have been handed down through the Texas State Attorney General’s office. They are not law but we will try to follow them as closely as possible for the safety and well-being of all who attend. Please allow us to be flexible with what and when services are held.

For the month of May there will be no Sunday School meetings in the classrooms. The social distancing issue will be difficult to adhere to in a classroom setting.

For the month of May there will be no nursery and no Children’s Worship. Mrs. Bonnie will have an activity box/bag/folder for children. One per child. Please return to the table in the foyer after the service.

Schedule for Sunday
            9:00 a.m. Worship service for over 65 (sanctuary)
            10:30 a.m. Worship service for under 65 (sanctuary)

It is my intention for the service to end in an hour. This will allow us to clear the building wipe down the pews, door handles, and restrooms between the services.

The age of 65 as listed above is not a set in stone number. It is the age that the Texas guidelines list as being more or less susceptible to the virus. We just want our senior adults to feel as safe as we can possibly make each one. There will be couples that one is above and one is below 65. Just pick one of the services that will best fit you. These are just guidelines.

Schedule for Wednesday

6:00 p.m. Worship. Wednesday night REFUEL will take place in the sanctuary. Again, until we see how things will go there will be no children’s service.

Everyone will be asked to wear a mask while inside the building. We are asking you to bring your own mask. If you don’t have one there will be some available.

There will be a table just outside the main entrance doors on which hand sanitizer and masks if needed will be available.

Bulletins will be laying on a table just inside the main entrance for you to pick up on your way in to the service.

The outer left and right sections of pews will be roped off. Every other pew in the middle four sections will be marked to leave vacant. Please don’t sit on those marked pews.

Please sit as a household.

Maintain the social distance guidelines (6 feet) from people not in your household.

No hand shaking, hugging, etc.

The church will provide anti-bacterial wipes at the close of the service. We are asking you to help wipe the wooden parts of the pew where you sat for worship. Trashcans will be available to toss used wipes.

There will not be a passing of offering plates during the services. Plates will be available for you to place your offering in at the close of each service.

Please minimize visiting with each other in the building especially between the two Sunday morning services. Timing will be of the essence.

There will be no choir, children’s church, or child care provided at this time.

It is apparent that things are not normal but this is a step in the right direction.

I know that there are questions that we did not think to address in this email. We will address and answer them as we go along.

Please use common sense.

If you have underlying health concerns that make you more likely to get this virus, then please stay home.

If you are running fever, please stay home.

If you know that you have been exposed, then please stay home for the 2 week period of time recommended.

All of our services will continue to be streamed over Facebook and You Tube. In fact we hope to upgrade our equipment to be able to do that from now on.

Welcome to the new and hopefully temporary NORMAL!

Looking forward to seeing many of you again in the next few days.

Bro. Steve, Bro. Eddie & Mrs. Bonnie